Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Food risk

There was a recent news that a 5-year-old girl was choked to death from eating a banana, leading to a lawsuit.
The little girl's encounter was unfortunate, and the trial was legally judged. But to the crowd, "food choking the children" is a very alarming thing.
For children's diet, people are extremely concerned about safety and nutrition. Food additives, agricultural residues, environmental pollutants, and so on, let people drop the shadow of the snake.
But for young children, the physical state of food is far more dangerous than the risks associated with these "food ingredients." According to statistics in the United States, Cheap jerseys chinathe number of children who go to the hospital every year because of food choking is up to 10, 000, resulting in severe deaths and dozens of deaths each year. Among the causes of death in children under 3 years of age, food choked to death is the largest proportion.
This is because before the age of three, the child's chews are imperfect. When they eat food, they are easily forced to swallow. But their esophagus is thin and easy to get stuck with food. Once they're stuck, they don't know what to do with it until the adults find it suffocating.
According to American statistics, the food that choked the children most was the ham sausage. The ham has some flexibility and is easily swallowed by the child and stuck to his throat. In addition, hard candy, peanuts and other nuts, grapes, raw baby carrots, apples, popcorn and so on, are also the common food that choked many children.
Others look soft, like bananas and plantains. But in fact, they are easy to deform, but not easy to swallow. The food is also easy to get stuck in the esophagus, such as peanut butter, marshmallows, jelly, gum, etc.
Many parents like to eat egg yolks for their children. People suspicion of egg yolk is its high fat, but fat is not the problem, completely for a kid to make egg yolk is the child's good food, however, boiled egg has a strong water absorption capacity, itself is soft. When children eat, they tend not to chew enough, the saliva does not secrete enough, the pharyngeal feeding path is easily "stuck". Similar to egg yolks, there are green bean cakes and things like that.
It's not that parents can't feed their children, but they need to be careful. To avoid choking on your child, pay attention to the following points:
First, when children eat, they must have an adult to watch. Once you notice that the child is wrong, take immediate action. Some parents take some food for the convenience of their children and do things for themselves. Ten, hundreds, and hundreds of times is fine, but if you run into a problem, the consequences can be unbearable.
Second, parents should lead by example and set good example for their children. Eat slowly, don't use food as a toy, don't use food to do dangerous games, such as throwing food in the mouth, eating big chunks of food, eating fast and so on.
Third, let your child form the habit of eating when you're in the habit of doing something else, such as walking, running, speaking, laughing, etc.
Some people like to say, which is so evil, how I have been a lifetime, also have not had a thing. Children are choking on food, Cheap nfl jerseyswhich is a small probability event. The United States has a population of 300 million, and there are over 20 million children. Every year, they eat thousands of meals, and they choke on tens of thousands of people every year, which is really low from the perspective of "accident rate". But these are avoidable accidents, especially the dozens of unhappy children, and the cost of negligence is too heavy.

Circle of friends

Hangzhou xihu district leaves the deputy director of the station zhong liang, Wholesale jerseys nfl1982, there is a lovely nickname meat bag. His wife, the foreign dish.
On the afternoon of June 25, the meat package was ordered to leave a police station with 10 police reinforcements. He immediately gathered hands and set out.
I didn't tell my wife, because I'm not sure what kind of work I'm going to do, but I'm afraid my wife will worry about it.
He doesn't know is that after a while, the wife food package in the circle of friends saw him: combat uniform outside firm survival vest, see is on the river ferry, the background is grey sky.
The food was immediately worried.
The dish is also a police officer, or the national secondary psychological consultant, but this does not prevent her as a police wife, often in the circle of friends lamenting that the husband does not go home.
On a recent complaint, she posted her husband's last three months of late return or not returning home to her circle of friends.
Everybody see: this policeman's wife, is really extraordinary! They're basically all alone, and they have a job.
But almost everyone praised and left a blessing and a thanks.
Keep talking about the meat bag and take the lead on the ferry.
The place to go is changan sha island, which lies at the junction of the qiantang river and the fuchunjiang river. cheap nfl hatsThe two sides of the island are located in the xihu district of shuangpu town and fuyang district. Less than 100 people on the island, mostly farmers. Nearly 10,000 acres of farmland, fish and shrimp growing fruit trees, rice and vegetables, the villagers earn a year's income on the island's fields.
The rainstorm washed over the land, the road super difficult to walk, one step on a pit, also belt skidded.
Without walking a few steps, the legs and socks are the same color as the dirt.
The mud in the legs grew more and more, and the feet of the "mud-legs" became heavier and heavier.
In order to be able to evacuate the people in time, the emergency rescue team walked for an hour and a half after walking for an hour and a half.
One door knocked on the door to confirm whether to evacuate, patiently advising the farmers who refused to leave until they agreed to leave.
After delivering the last crowd, the meat bag took off the shoes for a moment, and sighed: how light.
When you put your shoes on, you can't even wear them.
Because the river water level is too high, and it is raining in the dark, nfl jerseys cheapthe ferryboat can't get on the island again, the mission troops are instructed to stay overnight on the island.
So they went to the primary school, sat down, took a rest, and prepared for the new task.
There was no covering, no padding, moisture and mosquitoes, but there was a good time to rest.
I can't sleep the whole night. I have a class of five. I will be at 1:30 in the morning, and I will patrol 12 segments to watch the tidal changes.
Every 500 meters you can see a group of patrols watching the river. June 26 is just the third day of June, and the qiantang river has a big spring.
Add the two together and test the safety of the embankment.
On June 26, at about 3 a.m., as the flood and tide time approached, the water on the river was within reach, and all the players were back on the road, carrying sandbags, straws, and embankments...
At 4 a.m., it was found that there was a dark swell in the dyke, that is, the earthen levee could have worn several holes.
The flow showed signs of growth, and the meat packs quickly called up their comrades, filling up the possible ones with sandbags and reinforcing them with steel and gravel.
When the sky was white and the most dangerous time passed, it was time to relax and take a break from the rest of the team.
From the morning of the 26th morning till noon, a few suspects had a dark surge of dots blocked.
By 14:30 p.m. on June 26, all of the island's west lake bureaus were officially evacuated.
"Stick to and strive for a full 24 hours, leave, folks who spontaneously open their own car, cheap hatssend us from each observation point to the ferry, many villagers met we all say: thank you." The meat package was very satisfying and very happy.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

On Fatherhood

In China, we tend to believe that it’s the mother’s major responsibility to raise a child. Bringing home the bread is already enough to make a good father. I am learning English with a program: English Michael Fun and here I got to know a story a few days ago. A woman, wholesale jerseys, a mother of three children, was beaten by her mother-in-law because she learned English with this program. Of course many students left comments to support her. Still I found many different voices. There is a mother’s comment: “If you have to make a choice between your children and learning English, of course you should choose your children. The only purpose for me to learn English is for my kid. What’s the point of learning if your family is against it?” Honestly I can’t agree with that. Why should this mother MUST make a choose? It only takes half an hour, an hour at top each day to learn with this program. Is it so much to ask her husband to help taking care their children for just an hour? Is it so much for a father to spend just an hour with his children? Ridiculous! The whole thing is just so wrong even without the beating part. And we keep telling our children: You are learning for yourself, not for the others.” I wonder how could that mother phrase that out to her kid while what she is doing is total opposite? cheap mlb hatsIt’s a pity that she is not the only one who think so.

A father plays an important role in a person’s life. If that part is missing, it would leave a hole deep inside that no one else could fill. I spend most of my life without a father. I could tell the world that I’m fine and I don’t care. However, I can’t fool my own memories. Occasionally some memories merges from the long distant past, but still so vivid like just happened yesterday, told me that even I was not the son he wanted, once he still tried for closeness. Not in an obvious way, not in a way that was everyday. And these memories also tell me the plain truth: I do care.  With these few interactions, surprisingly he did leave the seeds of toughness in my character. It’s amazing how quickly a kid could learn from her/his father, especially when the chances were rare.

I just hope fathers, no matter how busy your jobs might be, spare sometime for your kids. Moments come and go, cheap nfl jerseysand a kid could grow up pretty fast. Don’t wait unit it is too late.

Work Faster and smarter

As an old saying goes"work smarter, cheap jerseys,  not harder". This is easy say than done.What does the really mean? How can we make ourselves efficiently? Especially when the deadline was looming, the boss and customer are ready to launch, we still have any scheme on it. Sometimes we know what to do,but we get distracted,or over-commit,only adding useless work onto our schedule lists.Especially when we encounter unknown risk which break our plans. Even we don't know where to start and when to take a break.Avoiding time-wasters can leave you with more time to enjoy the fruits of our labor if you know of some tips as below:
1. Planning, using productivity tools, and scheduling task on your calendar.Set the task with different pieces, so you can know what's the most important  to do first.
2. Set an deadline for every task. and don't do multi-task, focus on one task  until it is complete.
3. Shutdown the external temptation, don't let them control your minds when you focus on it.
4. Say"no" when you are already on a tight deadline, don't take on anything else.don't leave people hanging, cheap snapback hatsbut say you will contact them when you are finished.  

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Premier league top 20 bonus

This week, the premier league officials announced the 2016-17 20 bonus + strong team divided into income details, nfl jerseys cheapchampions Chelsea income up to 150 million pounds, the last-place sunderland have $93.47 million, the first money league position impregnable.
The bonus points of the teams are divided into details
In this detailed list, teams' bonuses, TV sharing, and business income are listed. Champions Chelsea, for example, their time is 28 games on TV, ranking bonus income is 38832180 pounds, guaranteed TV into 32827014 pounds, the domestic television into 35301989 pounds, overseas broadcasting into 39090596 pounds, the overall business income is divided into 4759404 pounds, total 150811183 pounds.
In the top six in the premiership, Manchester city second income, of 147 million pounds, Liverpool in 146 million came in third place, followed by the spurs (145 million) (141 million), Manchester united and Arsenal (140 million).
At the bottom of the table, cheap nhl jerseyssunderland also had the money to take the bottom of sunderland
It is worth mentioning that the premier league's bonus and revenue sharing scheme, weaker teams equally to teams, the only difference is one rank bonuses (difference between each rank 19.41609 billion pounds), but in the domestic television into, overseas broadcasting into and overall business income is divided into three large, 20 teams will be split, in guaranteed TV into this piece, even weaker teams like sunderland is aired only eight games, also have a "affordable" income of 12377520, this kind of interests between scheme, to ensure maximum premiership top 20 have lots of money, I'm afraid this is the premier league internal competition even bitter, cheap ncaa jerseyswho want to win a root cause is not easy.

Arsene wenger is in the Arsenal of Arsenal

Criticism this season the gunners boss arsene wenger finally keep the contract, cheap jerseysthe professor and the team has signed a new two-year contract, at the helm of Arsenal. Wenger's renewed offer is a mixed bag. Former Arsenal captain Tony Adams has decided that wenger made the wrong decision and he is also looking at the prospect of Arsenal in the next two years.
In an interview with sky sports, Adams said: "I think Arsenal squad in the next two years now have a chance to win the league, and may even crash. I think it is very sad. To be honest, I hope to leave the club in arsene wenger after winning the fa cup this year, cheap mlb jerseyshope he said this was enough, and then look for other people to replace him, even though I don't know who is the man."
"Maybe in the next two years, wenger will be looking for a successor, gave a new coach legacy, but I am not sure. If he can do it, I would say 'arsene are great, well done.' I work with arsene wenger for six years, but in the past 14 years we became estranged relationship. I think he is one of the most successful coach in the history of Arsenal, I don't want all this to be destroyed."
Adams continued: "I don't want arsene wenger to wait for the end of the crash and our tears, cheap nba jerseysbecause that would be a pity."

Harvey: hopefully buffon will lift the champions league

Former Barcelona captain Harvey currently plays for Qatar's al saad club, he said in an interview with the media on Thursday, cheap fake oakleyswant to see buffon "to win the champions league trophy.
"Buffon is now his career with the crown. As barca fans, would like to win Juventus is logical, but it is also for buffon and Daniel alves, they all deserve the championship." "Harvey said in an interview. "Alves helped the team to open the gap in the champions league," he added. "he was an impressive player."
For the champions league final against real Madrid and Juventus, cheap snapback hatsHarvey believes the two sides are in the same league. "Both teams 50-50, no obvious hot. Recent seasons Juventus played well, but real Madrid are also very powerful, they introduced a very good player. It's going to be a great final."
In terms of specific players, Harvey said: "Juventus, Mr Barak and higuain on offense level plays a decisive role, alves is contributing not only on the defensive level, also assists in the frontcourt sent. At real Madrid, benzema can also play an important role, cheap oakleysMr, luka modric and cristiano ronaldo also has a decisive role."